Step by Step Relaxation Meditation by Jenny Chen

When we are in a quiet state and allow our body to relax, our brain wave automatically switches to what’s called “the intelligent wavelength,” i.e., the α wavelength.

When we train to keep our brain wave to remain often in the α wavelength, it will help us think more clearly and make more accurate choices in our daily decision makings. It will also automatically help eliminate many unnecessary emotions and will allow us to maintain a balance between our body and mind and we will feel more at ease.

This “Step by Step Relaxation Meditation” is very suited for practice before going to bed, or anytime when you just want to relax. Even if you fall asleep in the middle of this mediation, it will be okay. Just allow the recording to continue and play to the end. Our subconscious will continue to help adjust our physical and mental state despite our falling asleep. So go ahead and find a quite and uninterruptible place. Give this meditation a try!


■Meditation length:12:44
■Leader:Jenny Chen

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★Special Thanks To★
Jenny Chen for authorizing for non-profit, fair use of this recording, which is an authorized derivative of a same script in Chinese by Shen Lynn of Journey to the HEART™. And special thanks to Ann Yang for the editing of the video. This recording is authorized for non-profit, personal use only. All rights reserved.